#Command Palette

To keep the UI clean and simple, SvelteLab has most goodies hidden inside the Command Palette.

To open it, use shortcut CMD(or CTRL)+K. You can also use CMD+SHIFT+P.

#File Palette

You can also use the File Palette to search for files. Use the shortcut CMD+P or you can remove the > from inside the Command Palette input.



Format current open file with prettier. This command spawns a prettier process inside the WebContainer, so it will respect your prettier configuration.

#Create Route

Create a new SvelteKit route. Opens a pane with form for route path and files to be generated. Every filetype relevant to the SvelteKit router can be generated. Optionally they can also be created as TypeScript files. Generated files contain appropriate boilerplate.

#Search Docs

Search SvelteKit documentation, just like the official site!

#Svelte Add

Quickly add a Svelte integration. Opens a pane with form for different integrations. Plugs directly into Svelte Add to provide the ability to quickly add PostCSS, SCSS, Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, Imagetools, mdsvex or CoffeeScript to existing SvelteLab Apps.


Save the current project. When authenticated, you can save the current project to your profile. You can visit your profile to see all the saved projects.


Fork the current project. When authenticated, you can clone the current project and save it to your profile.

#Vim Keybindings

Toggle the use of vim keybindings for the editor.

#Wrap Code

Toggle line wrap for code editor.

#Install Package

Opens a pane to search and install packages from npm.


Download the current project as a .zip file.


Browse your saved projects.

#New Project

Create a new blank project.

#New with Template

Create new project with a starter template. Choose from Basic, Library, mdsvex, Tailwind, TypeScript or TypeScript + Tailwind

#Set Default Template

Choose the template that will load as the default for new projects. Same selection as New with Template

#Switch Theme

Switch between light and dark theme. Overrides system preference.

#Toggle File Tree

Toggle if the file tree is shown or hidden.

#Toggle Config Files

Toggle if file tree starts from project root / or /src folder to hide config clutter.

#Toggle Folder / File Sort Order

Toggle if files or folders show up first in the file tree.

#Toggle Terminal

Toggle if terminal is shown.

#Share Project

Copy link that shares current project via id. This keeps in sync when you update your project. Learn more under Sharing and Saving.

#Share Code Snapshot

Copy link that shares current files via hash. This won’t reflect changes when you update your project. Learn more under Sharing and Saving.

#Remove Theme Preference

Use OS theme preference.

#Editor Preference

Opens a panel with controls for font size, font family and the usage of ligatures. It also allows you to customize the delay function (throttle or debounce) and the delay duration.

#Open GitHub

Open the SvelteLab GitHub Repo.

#Submit Issue

Open a new issue for SvelteLab.

#Join Discord

Join our Discord server and say hello! πŸ‘‹


Show Open Source dependency credits. Thanks for making SvelteLab possible! πŸ’

#Show Intro

Show the SvelteLab Intro again and remove hidden forever preference.